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Our non-profit hosts interactive STEM-related workshops for elementary and middle school girls. Our sessions take place during the weekend on Penn's campus and afterschool at our partner schools. We make an effort to plan unique activities that get kids to ask questions, be creative, and gain confidence as they learn! Registration is always free.

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Upcoming Workshops!

Geology Workshop:

Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils!


Saturday, April 13th


Christian Street YMCA ​(1724 Christian St)

10:00 - 11:30 AM

Grades: 6-8

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12 - 1:30 PM

Grades 3-5

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We’ll be exploring the ​science of rock/fossil ​formation. We’ll be ​answering questions such ​as: How are different ​types of rocks and ​minerals formed? What ​does carbon dating tell us? ​How are fossils preserved?

We’ll have some ​interactive activities to ​model these different ​geological processes. We ​even have our very own ​rock, mineral, and fossil ​samples to look at under ​our microscopes!

Workshop is free and all ​materials provided. ​Membership with the Y ​not required.

Previous Workshops:

Microscopy Lab - 2/17

We learned how to use compound and ​digital microscopes as we explored the ​world microbiology. We looked at a ​variety of plant and bacterial cells and ​then made our own slides by staining ​onion and cheek cells.

Neurosensory Workshop - 3/16

We explored how our senses work, the ​Stroop effect, the science behind optical ​illusions, and more. We modeled sections ​of the brain with Play-Doh and our older ​age group (grades 6-8) had the chance ​to dissect a sheep brain!

Balloon Cars - 2/3

Learn about kinetic versus potential energy while we build and race our very own balloon cars!

Strawberry DNA Extraction - 2/3

In an extended version of our ​previous DNA extraction workshop, ​we will be extracting DNA from ​strawberries and building models of ​DNA.

Video Production - 12/2

Come learn about the art of storytelling! Learn to edit, and produce your very own videos. Join us to exercise your creativity and learn how to use digital tools for video production.

Intro to JavaScript - 11/18

Come learn introductory programming by exploring the language of JavaScript! In this workshop, students will learn the basic concepts of JavaScript, learn to talk directly to their website, and create their own JavaScript program using! *Personal laptop is required

Chemistry: Phases of Matter - 11/13

During this session, we explore the science of phase changes through ice cream making, exploring polymerization with instant snow, and creating oobleck!

Intro to App Design - 11/11

Have you ever wondered how the apps on your phone work behind the scenes? Or what all goes into designing an app for millions to use? Come to our workshop to learn some introductory programming and even design your own app!

Strawberry DNA Extraction - 11/7

We introduce the wonderful world of genome science and explore the structure of genetic material. We saw genes up close with a hands-on activity where we extracted DNA from strawberries!

Architecture - 4/2

We learned how architecture combines physics, engineering, and art while we built spaghetti-marshmallow bridges and tested the properties of different materials!

Chemistry: pH and Lava Lamps 2/11 -

We had fun making lava lamps, building molecular models, and doing a color-changing pH experiment with red cabbage. We learned about acids and bases, atomic structure, and why oil and water don't like to mix!

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